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Scramble Campbell is best known for his colorful portrayals of musicians and bands. He has created over 400 original works of art, live, at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Scramble’s vast portfolio includes more than 2,600 pieces from nearly 1,000 musical events across the country over 25 years.
When the music ends and the band exits the stage, what’s left on his easel is a unique visual record of the show, stunningly captured through brushes and paint. His bold use of color, powerful compositions and highly energetic technique adds to the concert experience as he creates a unique work during every show.
Take a little trip with Scramble Campbell.
The Art Experience Tour is in 3D! You can actually see the musicians jump off the canvas and feel the energy of the music from the colors blending and bending before your eyes. Meet the artist in person daily. Scramble will be available for 3D tours & discussions. Be sure to catch Scramble Campbell in action, painting LIVE at Red Rocks during the concerts throughout his exhibit June 22nd – July 11th. All ages are welcome and admission is FREE!
Doors are open 10am- 2pm, then reopening during concerts till the end of shows.
You must have concert ticket during concert hours.
See more on Scramble at his website
If you go:
What: 13th Annual Scramble Campbell Red Rocks Art Experience
When: June 22nd – July 11th
Where: Located in The Red Rocks Amphitheatre Visitors Center (at the top of the amphitheatre)
Check out this short video of artists Michael Everett and Scramble Campbell collaborating on a Steal Your Face performance painting at Red Rocks Sept, 23, 2012 during Furthur’s Sunday show where the first letter of the set list spell out STEAL YOUR FACE.
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