lobos_600By Alan Crandall
Over thirty years strong, East LA’s Los Lobos have never lost sight of their roots and continue to thrill audiences. Even sans founding member, guitarist and vocal artist David Hidalgo, as was the case Friday, the band takes their audience on a great ride with upbeat songs based in Americana and Latin roots. From the bands website; “Perez, the band’s drummer, once called their powerhouse mix of rock, Tex-Mex, country, folk, R&B, blues and traditional Spanish and Mexican music “the soundtrack of the barrio.”

Event planners in Louisville were prepared for the large crowd even adding additional speakers to avoid attendees crushing in on the stage. From the front, though packed, there was plenty of room to shake your booty. Threats of rain may have dampened the crowd numbers slightly though the concert saw a wonderful breezy evening, Friday, July 11th. There were a couple of musicians sitting in with the core members of the band, one of them a local percussionist Scott Parker Mast. Here are some views from the show. Enjoy.

LosLobosLou14 LosLobosLou14-2 LosLobosLou14-7 LosLobosLou14-8 LosLobosLou14-9
A special thanks to Todd Gray for this photo.

CesarByToddGray600 LosLobosLou14-10 LosLobosLou14-12 LosLobosLou14-13 LosLobosLou14-14 LosLobosLou14-15 LosLobosLou14-18 LosLobosLou14-20 LosLobosLou14-22 LosLobosLou14-23 LosLobosLou14-24
LosLobosLou14-25 LosLobosLou14-26 LosLobosLou14-27 LosLobosLou14-31 LosLobosLou14-32 LosLobosLou14-33 LosLobosLou14-37 LosLobosLou14-44 LosLobosLou14-45 LosLobosLou14-54 LosLobosLou14-56 LosLobosLou14-57 LosLobosLou14-58 LosLobosLou14-62 LosLobosLou14-63 LosLobosLou14-66 LosLobosLou14-68 LosLobosLou14-69


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