LeftoverElephantNC13-120Elephant Revival followed Dangermuffin (acoustic) and warmed up for Leftover Salmon at Pisgah Brewing Company in Asheville, North Carolina on Sunday, May 26.  The event was in part a fundraiser for a local nonprofit called FATE (Funding America Through Entertainment) with a portion of every ticket going to the organization.  It was a great show in an almost hidden outdoor venue under beautiful skies with perfect spring weather.   It is always a treat to see Elephant Revival play at the same venue with Leftover Salmon because you know the bands are going to mix it up a bit and join together on stage.  Also joining Elephant Revival was Town Mountains fiddle player Bobby Britt. Here are some photos and a video from the event.


LeftoverElephantNC13-1 LeftoverElephantNC13-3 LeftoverElephantNC13-8 LeftoverElephantNC13-9 LeftoverElephantNC13-11 LeftoverElephantNC13-16 LeftoverElephantNC13-19 LeftoverElephantNC13-20 LeftoverElephantNC13-23 LeftoverElephantNC13-24 LeftoverElephantNC13-26 LeftoverElephantNC13-27 LeftoverElephantNC13-32 LeftoverElephantNC13-33 LeftoverElephantNC13-35 LeftoverElephantNC13-41 LeftoverElephantNC13-42 LeftoverElephantNC13-43 LeftoverElephantNC13-46 LeftoverElephantNC13-47 LeftoverElephantNC13-49 LeftoverElephantNC13-50 LeftoverElephantNC13-56 LeftoverElephantNC13-82 LeftoverElephantNC13-88 LeftoverElephantNC13-90 LeftoverElephantNC13-91 LeftoverElephantNC13-97 LeftoverElephantNC13-100 LeftoverElephantNC13-101 LeftoverElephantNC13-105 LeftoverElephantNC13-111 LeftoverElephantNC13-114 LeftoverElephantNC13-118 LeftoverElephantNC13-119 LeftoverElephantNC13-122..

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