G Love & Special Sauce

By Alan Crandall

GLoveBT13-52G. Love & Special Sauce have been thrilling audiences with a wide assortment of bluesy rap for 20 years now.

I first saw G. Love in Telluride over ten years ago and I was instantly a fan.  And now after countless gigs and festivals G. Love is still on top of his game, not afraid to engage the crowd, hanging out over the stage edge, high fiving audience members and slyly smiling at the ladies.

I saw G. Love &  Special Sauce Friday night at the Boulder Theater and by the end of the opening act, Grammy nominated John Fullbright, the place was packed!  G. Love sat at his chair and brought the fun.  At points the three piece band had a sound of a much larger group with G. Love playing the harp and guitar while the bassist Timo Shanko played a standup metal bass that he would spin around simultaneously making all kinds of entertaining faces.  Houseman killed it on the drums.

At one point G. Love went into a improvised rap where he took suggestions from the audience.  I think that may have been the most ladies I have seen at the boulder theater at one time and many of them watching the show with google eyes for the G. Love.

And if you missed the show, we have a treat, a solo song by G. Love, and you can still get some special sauce, check it out.

[youtube O2B91Yw_icQ 560 315]

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