Drew Emmitt and Andy Thorn perform with the Steep Canyon Rangers at the Boulder Theater, Saturday, March 9th.

By Alan Crandall

Drew Emmitt and Andy Thorn teamed up for maybe the first official show as a duet at the Boulder Theater, Saturday, March 9th.  Better known as the mandolin and banjo players for the Emmitt Nershi Band and Leftover Salmon, it was good to see them pair up to open for the Steep Canyon Rangers.   Emmit and Thorn joined the Grammy award winning Steep Canyon Rangers on stage for several songs later in the evening to the delight of the audience.  Here are some photos and a Cold Rain and Snow video thanks to GratefulWeb.com.

Emmitt_Thorn_BT_13-1 Emmitt_Thorn_BT_13-11 Emmitt_Thorn_BT_13-18 Emmitt_Thorn_BT_13-19 Emmitt_Thorn_BT_13-20 Emmitt_Thorn_BT_13-23 Emmitt_Thorn_BT_13-27 Emmitt_Thorn_BT_13-28 Emmitt_Thorn_BT_13-100 Emmitt_Thorn_BT_13-200 Emmitt_Thorn_BT_13-201 Emmitt_Thorn_BT_13-203

 Bloggers note:  To call Drew Emmitt a mandolin player is a bit of a misnomer… I believe that man can play anything with strings.


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