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The Kyle Hollingsworth Band lately has played a number of smaller, shorter shows in

There s plenty on tap Saturday when the Kyle Hollingsworth Band plays the Boulder Theater. In addition to making his first appearance there in several years, Hollingsworth and Sierra Nevada are offering fans an opportunity to quaff a beer inspired by the musician. By Tobin Voggesser.


But Hollingsworth, keyboardist for the String Cheese Incident, will take his solo project to the Boulder Theater on Saturday for the band’s first full-on Boulder show in several years.

“I’m excited to get back and kind of be in the zone,” Hollingsworth said. “You know — in a real venue with real sound and lights, and a bar to drink in … I just got back from a big tour with my solo band in California, just got back. And so this Saturday gig upcoming is kind of a tour closer.”

The evening also features a performance by John Browns Body, and the venue will offer a Hollingsworth-inspired brew by Sierra Nevada called Hop Bam Ale.

The four-piece KHB includes The Motet’s Dave Watts on drums, Dan Schwindt on guitar and Garrett Sayers on bass.

“It’s the same band I’ve had for a long time,” Hollingsworth said. “I put myself in a position of surrounding myself with fantastic players, better than myself, that always makes you shine.”

Hollingsworth has been brewing beer as a pastime for a number of years. Recently he teamed up with Boulder Beer Co. to put out the summer seasonal beer Hoopla Pale Ale, and now he has joined with Sierra Nevada to make Hop Bam Ale. Named by a fan from a contest on Hollingsworth’s Facebook page, Hop Bam is “a light pale ale with hints of orange, white peppercorn and wet hops from the homegrown fields of Sierra Nevada,” according to a news release.

“The wet hops come right from the fields (and we) basically drop them right into the kettle,” Hollingsworth said. “They still haven’t yet been kiln dried. You get a little bit more richness in the flavor from those hops, and you have to put a lot more in to get the same amount of bitterness, which is perfect for kind of a Belgian ale.”

John Brown’s Body has joined KHB on several fall dates.

“We just did the whole tour with them,” Hollingsworth said. “They’re totally slammin’. I mean, sometimes we weren’t able to even follow them. They have a humongous sound and all these horns.”

The String Cheese Incident, Hollingsworth’s main band, is returning to Colorado for a three-show set that culminates in a New Year’s Eve appearance at 1stBank Center in Broomfield.

“I’m super psyched that we’re doing a New Year’s show … It’s been quite a while,” Hollingsworth said. “I finish this run up here and then we start rehearsals in late November. We’ve always been sort of big on over-rehearsing. I like to be overprepared. It’s more than that, more than just the show, it’s more about kind of a connection, and spending time together again, because I haven’t seen them now in, like, two or three months. So we hang out half the time getting to know each other again and the other half learning the songs, remembering songs.”

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We are really excited to check out The Brothers Sayer, for the first time ever, the Sayers family will unite to form The Brothers Sayers (Garrett Sayers Bassist from KHB and the Motet will be joined by brothers Drew – JBB sax, Brian – drums).

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