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Colorado band The Motet are geared up for this year’s Halloween shows where the band will cover the music of Parliament Funkadelic. The Motet’s holiday shows are wildly popular with their local fans and the Boulder Theater show is already sold out. This Saturday’s show at The Ogden in Denver is also already sold out and it is no wonder with the band staging a 14 member band including vocalist and keyboardist Nigel Hall who only last year performed with The Warren Haynes Band on Halloween in Denver.

We recently caught up with the band at one of their rehearsal studios preparing for the shows. The Motet’s Dave Watts. Joey Porter and Garrett Sayers talk with Times-Call, Prairie Mountain Media reporter Quentin Young before a rehearsal. Band members also videoed Ryan Jalbert, Gabe Mervine, Matt Pitts, Dan Schwindt and Kimberly Dawson Produced by Alan Crandall. For ticket information visit

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