Herbie Hancock Tribute

Dominic Lalli

Friday night members of the Motet and Big Gigantic assembled and brought their tribute to Herbie Hancock to the Boulder Theater. Band members included, Dominic Lalli, Dave Watts, Joey Porter, Garrett Sayers, Dan Schwindt & Matt Grunstad put on quite the performance. It was great seeing so many people groove to Hancock’s music.

I was estimating maybe 30 to 50 people in the Boulder Theater before the concert began and while listening to

Joey Porter

the DJ Raw Russ lay down some cool hip hop dance mixes. Then, like magic, when the Hancock’s music filled the theater the fan floodgates opened and by the end of the second song the theater was packed with an exuberant audience.

Joey Porter explained to the audience that they wanted to share their love for Hancock’s music. Herbie Hancock, a legendary Jazz man “was one of the first jazz musicians to embrace music synthesizers and funk music (characterized by syncopated drum beats),” according to Wikipedia. This makes his music perfect for the stylings of this tribute band. The band was tight and grooved through long melodic-rhythmic songs keeping the crowd dancing and entertained. If you get a chance to check out this combination of musicians perform a tribute to Herbie Hancock… I recommend it! The Motet will perform this weekend at the LoHi Music Festival in Denver, for more information visit www.themotet.net.



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