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John K. Band

John K. Band

Dark Star Orchestra co-founder and Furthur guitarist/vocalist John Kadlecik brought his band the John K. Band the farthest west they have ever performed for a set of three shows at Denver’s Quixotes True Blue in June.

The Quixotes event was a three day party with bands both inside and outside on the porch called “Owsley’s.”

Melvin Seals

For the first two nights inside the club the band Imagine, featuring Melvin Seals of the Jerry Garcia Band and Ray White of the “Mothers of Invention,” warmed up the audience with some fantastic jams and grooves.  It was a real joy to watch the rock veterans Seals and White play with the band and if you weren’t careful you would wander out side to Owsley’s and soon find yourself grooving to the tunes of Larkin Poe.  This Atlanta, Georgia  folk rock, acoustic R&B band fronted by sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell is fun and captivating.  Another band, Spoonfed Tribe followed Larkin Poe on the outside stage.  It was great to have a mini festival all in one place.  Once the John K. Band hit the stage however, it was the focus of most of the club attendees.

Larkin Poe

Back east the  John K. Band, created shortly after Kadlecik left DSO and began touring with Furthur, has a good following.   A quick search on You Tube will reveal a number of videos of those shows and now of the Quixotes’ concerts also.   If you watch any of these videos you will soon realize that a John K. Band show is a treat and loaded with fun.  The Quixotes shows June 8th-10th, were just those type of shows maybe  even elevated a bit.  The band had traveled all the way to Denver and only the dedicated fans of Kadleck or the regular fans of Quixotes were the wiser.  The event felt like a private party that you  had invited all of your friends and rainbow family to attend.  Everyone was smiling, dancing and enjoying the great jams.

John K. Band with Pete Wall and Ray White

The three day trip culminated with Sunday’s performance by the John K. Band on the outdoor stage at Owsley’s.  This show seemed even more like a private show with the band spending breaks with the audience posing for photographs and signing autographs.   The outside at Quixotes is unique in offering a cool variety of hangouts,  an outdoor grill and cash bar in a relatively small area.  You could dance in the sun, eat in the shade all while grooving to songs like; Bird Song, Hey Pocky Way and Not Fade Away.

The experience of seeing the John K. Band in action at Quixotes has solidifed my resolve.  I plan to check out JKB anytime they are in town.

On another note: if your are looking for a fun 4 of July you are in luck.  Quixotes True Blue is hosting a 2 day music festival.  The venue is planing a 3 & 4th of July festival called “Dancin in the streets” with the addition of an outdoor stage and a bunch of bands, patrons will be treated to over 20 performances by bands like: Smooth Money Gesture, the Grant Farm, Poor Mans Whiskey, the Jerry Garcia Band with Melvin Seals, Imagine and Cornmeal, who will play both nights.  For more information visit

 Setlist courtesy of John Kadlecik’s Facebook page:

John K. Band setlist 6/8/12
Quixote’s True Blue Denver, CO

1: Nobody Told Me, What’s Become of Mary, Seen Love, TWLWMYD*, TLEO*, American Spring> It’s Alright, Everybody’s Tryin’*

2: Second That Emotion*>The Wedge*, Sister Smiles, Desert Trance, Way to Go Home, Mama Help Me, Walking in Your Footsteps>YMMV>Page 43, Will It Go Round In Circles

John K. Band with Melvin Seals

E: Good Night Irene
* – with Paul Murin on guitar

John K. Band setlist 6/9/12
Quixote’s True Blue Denver, CO
w/ special guest Pete Wall on saxophone entire show

1: Life is a Carnival, Givin’ Me the Business*, Sister Smiles*, After Midnight%, How Sweet It Is%, Wot’s… uh the Deal, Dream #11@, Man Smart Woman Smarter

2: Feel Like Dynamite, Bean-O, What’s Become of Mary, Stir It Up, New Physics Rant>Outa Space>Free>So Many Roads, Complicated

E: Three Little Birds>Sisters & Brothers

Justin Jones

* – w/ Melvin Seals on Hammond organ
% – w/ Melvin Seals on Hammond organ & Ray White on guitar
@ – w/ Indi Riverflow poetry reading

John K. Band setlist 6/10/12
Quixote’s True Blue Denver, CO

1: One Too Many Mornings, Harder They Come*, Seen Love*, Bird Song*, Dweller on the Threshold*, Fast Enough for You*, Any Road>Fire on the Mountain>Any Road*

2: Good Guys & Bad Guys*, Also Sprach Zarathustra*, Cleaning Windows*, Russian Lullaby, Get Out of My Life*, Lazy River Road*, Desert Trance, Hey Pocky Way*, It’s Alright, Walls of Time*, Not Fade Away*

E: Sing Me Back Home
* w/ Justin Jones on saxophone

John K. Band

Larry Joseloff

Katy Gaughan


Check out this great grab of Also Sprach Zarathustra* by :

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