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David Grisman, Keith Little, Jim Hurst, Chad Manning and Samson Grisman perform the David Grisman Bluegrass Experience at the Boulder Theater, Friday, July 13.

The David Grisman Bluegrass experience was a very fun show at the Boulder Theater last Friday. Grisman brought an amazing group of bluegrass musicians to Colorado to tell the story of Bluegrass thought his years of experiences and relationships with many of the bluegrass greats like Bill Monroe. An excellent review of the show by Sara Reifman can be found at

I just took my camera and captured a few images. For more information about future Grisman Bluegrass Experiences or to buy his latest CD check out

David Grisman

David Grisman, Keith Little, Jim Hurst, Mike Barnett and Samson Grisman

Keith Little

Jim Hurst

Samson Grisman

David Grisman


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