Photos by Gabriel Jones

John Kadlecik

Born during the Summer of Love, Furthur guitarist/vocalist and co-founder of the Dark Star Orchestra John Kadlecik has spent much of his life dedicated to music. In school Kadlecik started with the study of classical violin, soon caught the rock-n-roll bug and picked up the guitar and mandolin. His Midwest upbringing landed him in Chicago as a young adult playing in many different bands. After a short stint in college he was introduced to the music of the Grateful Dead and the rest, as they say, is history.

John K. Band

While touring with DSO for nearly 12 years Kadlecik picked up the reputation as an amazing guitarist/vocalist and DSO shows sold out regularly around the nation. During this time he also played numerous other bands including a bluegrass band. The Mix with Melvin Seals was maybe his most notable side project, scoring a record contract and touring nationally in 2004. In 2009 Kadlecik scored the guitar vocal position in the former Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh’s new band called Furthur.

John K. Band

It was at this point that the John K. Band was formed. Playing mostly in the Washington DC area the idea was to “go to a gig, play a concert and that night sleep in my own bed,” said Kadlecik. The John K. Band has a large following back east. They have a rainbow panted VW micro-tour-bus and can regularly be found playing events and shows in the area. A quick YouTube search will reveal dozens of videos of the band lead by who many describe as a really nice guy and very talented musician.

John K. Band

The John K. Band will be performing in Denver starting tonight at Quixote’s True Blue. This is the first opportunity for Colorado fans to catch a band that many back east already know not to miss. For more information visit

A special thanks to  Gabriel Jones for the photos in this post.

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