Fox Photo of the Day

Jackie Greene Saturday Jan. 14, 2012

The Fox Theatre, one of the Front Range’s premier concert venues is on hiatus until repairs on the roof and ventilation system improvements are complete. On May 8th we announced the “While the the Fox is away the the Photos will play” project where we along with the music blog will post an image from one of the many shows held at the fox over the past years.

Originally the venue was due to be closed until mid August but now the first show on the books is The Water Outlaws, on Aug. 3. The venue may open sooner if the repairs are completed early. I will keep you posted. Several photographers are participating in the project. If you have any photos you would like published from the last 20 years of the Fox Theatre, send us an email, with the photo attached. photographers name and photo credit information.

Check back from daily for a new photo and upcoming event information.

Until the Fox Theatre reopens, enjoy Fox Photo of the Day.


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