It is estimated that 9000 fans attended the Leftover Salmon Concert, Sunday, May 13.

Leftover Salmon took Denver’s Santa Fe Art District by storm Sunday, May 13, for their Aquatic Hitchhiker free album release party. The 1p.m. event, held between 7th and 8th Ave on Santa Fe Dr. had hundreds lining up at the gate by noon with the gates opening at

Aquatic Hitchhiker album due to officially release May 22.

1. The band held the free concert to promote the their first album release in 8 years and the only album the band has actually pressed in vinyl in addition to the traditional CD and digital downloads. The official release date for the album Aquatic Hitchhiker is set for May 22.

Once open the event saw as many as 9000 fans making it one of the largest Leftover Salmon shows ever held. Cloud filled skies gave way to sunshine and near perfect afternoon weather. Galleries, shops and restaurants were also filled with participants and many of the second story buildings became box seats for viewing the event.

Leftover Salmon teamed up with the non-profit Conscious Alliance for a fundraiser private party during and after the concert. For a donation of $50 participants were treated to

Band members Vince Herman and Andy Thorn talk with fans during the set break.

Pizza, beer, music and a private meet and greet with Denver live performance painter/artist Scramble Campbell and the all of the members of the band.

The concert was the only full two set show the band plans to play in Colorado this summer. Mixed into the nearly 30 songs performed by the band was every song on the new release. At set break several member entered the crowd to celebrate with their fans. The concert ended at 6p.m. and by 8p.m. the stage was in the process of being taken down, all the amps and equipment had been removed and a street sweeper was cleaning up.

This event is one for the record books, the first time the band has released a vinyl album, in a free concert in the streets of Denver attended by a record number of fans. For more information visit

Drew Emmitt

Jose Martinez

Leftover Salmon

Leftover Salmon free concert

Lyons resident Zebulon Bowles joined the band for a couple of songs

Vince Herman

Hoopers were on hand during the show


Andy Thorn

Greg Garrison

“Box Seats”


Vince Herman

A sticker attached to a Cartman doll vince kicked to he crowd after set break


Fans line the rail before the show

Some fans watch from the rooftops


Scramble Campbell

Children find a great vantage point

The free street concert was surrounded by art


A fan holds up a Cartman doll that the band sent flying into the crowd



Fan meet and greet & poster signing







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