Pete Kartsounes

The PKB Electric “Winter Beach Party” was one of those events you might miss if you blinked… and it is too bad if you did.  Held in early January, on a snowy Saturday night it marked the first time the Pete Kartsounes Band headlined the Fox Theatre.   The middle of winter beach party was a great idea and even offered up performances by Smack Thompson and Dr. Phil Good.  The evening had a special feeling with many of the audience in festive beach attire.

For this special night Pete had assembled a great group of local talent including Matt Flaherty – Guitars (Hot Soup), Paul Murin – Guitars (Phix), Phil Johnson – Organ, Keys, Trumpet, Vox (Jet Edison), Brian Adams – Bass (Great American Taxi) and Ryan Sapp – Drums (PKB).

We sat on this video since January due to Pete leaving the mainland and heading to the Islands where he was inspired and worked on even more music projects.  Pete met another musician created a group named Manala and made an album.   From Manala’s Facebook page “Within 3 weeks of meeting one another on Kauai, Pete Kartsounes & Katlyn Dawn have created their first album.”

Well Kartsounes is back now and gigging in the area, catch him if you can because soon he is hitting the road for festival season.  For more information visit

Check out this cool video of a beautiful song called “Magic & The Moment.”

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