Matt Flaherty

Yep, that’s right. The Matt Flaherty Trio is playing in Lyons this evening at the Pizza Bar 66 starting at 9:30pm. No, not Hot Soup with Flaherty on lead guitar, they warmed up for the Funky Meters Thursday night at the Fox Theatre and kicked ass I might add. No Not the Matt Flaherty Band, who opened up for Smooth Money Gesture and Kung Fu last month at the Fox. This is the Matt Flaherty Trio with Ryan Sapp on Drums and Great American Taxi/DeadPhish Orchestra bassist Brian F. Adams laying down the hard driving bass rifts. Well you know how it is when you shred on the guitar as much as Flaherty, you need to share the jams, fusion and grooves where ever you can.

There are actually several cool events tonight (as usual) in the area… I would check the Frozen Dead Guy Days Facebook page and Website to see what venue and bands survived the wind.

My other picks for a good time tonight are:
Cornmeal, Hot Buttered Rum at the Ogden Theatre in Denver
Jaden Carlson at Shine in Boulder
Snowball Music Festival, in Avon
Ani Di Franco at the Boulder Theater (Sold Out)

All of these shows are worth the price of admission and the drive.

Check out this Matt Flaherty Band video from last month when they opened for SMG and Kung Fu. Pete Goldberg of SMG, Phil Johnson of Jet Edison, Chase on sax and Joel trombone are sitting in with the band. See you at the shows.



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