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Joey Porter's Shady Business

You know those time a friend tells you, “You really should check out this band?” And you

Nigel Hall

go… and have a great time! I get the feeling that Joey Porter’s Shady Business, held at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom last Saturday, was that kind of show. Shady Business is a great band in the one time pairing of the bulk of The Motet with the band Juno What, Nigel Hall and the Shady Horns. Motet keyboardist Joey Porter was celebrating his 40th birthday party and the concert turned into a big funky birthday celebration. Shady Business was a diamond in the rough at a concert that seemed more like a fan-filled party.

Now in my opinion… if you ever hear of JunoWhat! or most of the members of the Motet playing together… or Nigel Hall or the Shady Horns …well actually, if you hear of any of the members of the Motet playing… you need to check it out. It is always a good time.

Joey Porter

After the Monophonics played a great warm up set, Shady Business took the stage with members Nigel Hall, Joey Porter, Dave Watts, Garrett Sayers, Ryan Jalbert, Jans Ingber, Steve Watkins & Kim Dawson and The Shady Horns. The stage was packed with artists with three keyboard setups. “Funk is Dead” Motet vocalist Kimberly Dawson even joined in for a few songs. It was a fantastic show with Porter and Hall trading rifts and keyboards throughout the show and Hall taking lead vocals on songs like “What is Hip”

At Set break the birthday portion of the show kicked into full gear with birthday boy Joey Porter being seated center stage, presented with a cake that looked like a Hammond organ and a big present that was rolled to the front of the stage. Then a beautiful dancing girl (Jacque Porter) dressed in a green burlesque corset and black top hat popped out of the present and offered a grinning Joey a birthday dance, hug and a kiss.

This was a very cool night at Cervantes even the Other Side was hopping with national touring act, The Heavy Pets. I will post some Heavy Pets Photos next, for now check out this cool party and next time a friend says hey some of those Motet guys are performing… go to the show.

Check out this clip half way through “What is Hip” where Garrett Sayers plays a sick solo and lays down the funky bass rifts.


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