I show up for shows early, sometimes to try to scope out a good spot for checking out the evening’s entertainment but mainly because I want to see the warm-up bands. I usually don’t consider the warm up band when planning for a show. When I get tickets to see Leftover Salmon for instance, the headliner alone is my draw… I purchase tickets on the fact that they are playing with no knowledge or regard for what other bands may be on the bill. I enjoy discovering opening bands with out knowing who it will be. This is what happened last November when I cruised up to the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins to check out one of my favorite jam/grass bands, Cornmeal. I had no idea who else was on the bill but I was excited to check em out anyway. As it turns out Magic Beans was first up to get the audience moving, and get the audience moving is exactly what they did.

When Magic Beans took the stage they opened with Rocky Top… and I was a bit concerned. The song sounded like it was a mandatory play selection, the band was not in the groove I was hoping for in a local jam band. After that first number, however, the band took off and proceeded to head into one progressive jam after another. By the end of their set everyone was smiling and dancing including me. Check out the Magic Beans video from the Aggie below.

Tonight the Magic Beans are playing at the Boulder Theater and it is set to be a fun time. The event, billed as the Snowball Music Festival pre-party, features Sunsquabi, The Pamlico Sound and Funkhouser in an all ages show starting at 9:00p.m. If you have not seen Magic Beans now is your chance. Tickets are still available, see you there.

Check out this article on Magic Beans by Ashley Dean of the Colorado Daily.



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