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Phil Dyer & Matt Flaherty

Dr. Phil good was the second band to hit the stage for the PKB Winter Beach Party held at the Fox Theatre, Saturday, Jan. 7. Dr. Phil Good took the stage after a rousing performance by the first band Smack Thompson. Once on stage the doctor had a prescription for fun.

The band is fronted by guitarist/vocalist Phil Dyer. Joining him is Hot Soup’s and PKB’s guitarist/vocalist Matt Flaherty and bassist Otis Lande. Also sitting in for the beach party set was Phil Johnson on keys, Alex Johnson on drums and Scott Parker Mast on percussion.

Matt Flaherty


I have had the opportunity to catch the good Doctor on several occasions and I have to say this night they were on fire. Their set rocked from start to finish and I recommend that if you get a chance to see Dr. Phil Good that you do… you won’t be disappointed. I am hoping the band will get a headlining slot in one of Boulders larger theaters soon so more people can get out to see the band.

Check out this little video nugget of jam:




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