Leftover Salmon at NedFest 2011 with Drew Emmitt, Vince Herman and Andy Thorn.

By Alan Crandall previously published at DailyCamera.com

Leftover Salmon is back and riding high. They went on tour last year, got in the studio and just cut a new album, their first one in 8 years! I have had the pleasure to see the band play a couple of times recently and they are fantastic.

If you haven’t checked out the band you should and you have a chance this weekend at the Boulder Theater when eTOWN kicks off their 21st Anniversary season of live radio show tapings featuring Leftover Salmon and Darrell Scott.

After the eTOWN show Leftover Salmon heads to Jamaica and they will be back to perform in Colorado in February.

Check out this cool article on LS by Ashley Dean of the Colorado Daily.

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