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The Motet is heading back out on the road. I am not talking about shows in Breckenridge or Carbondale like they did the last two nights. No, I am not talking about tonight’s Best of Halloween show at the Aggie Theater where the Motet select the best of their prior Halloween tribute shows covering bands like Jamiroquai, Talking Heads, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Sly Stone, Earth, Wind and Fire and the Grateful Dead. I am not even talking about tomorrow night’s New Year’s eve show at the Aggie with the Motet and Euforquestra. Playing local, affordable and dynamic shows, this is the Motet I know; this is the Motet I love. No, The Motet are going much bigger, I am talking coast to coast, nationwide and to other countries even.

The Motet recently announced that they are taking their most recent project, “Funk is Dead” on tour with a west coast and 4 east coast dates. Motet founder and percussionist Dave Watt’s explains, “We are hitting the east coast and San Francisco as well, having this Funk is Dead set under our belt people have gotten really excited about it, so it looks like we will be able to make it happen in some really great venues we never played at before.” Watts elaborated, “We love playing the material and it’s great to have three or four hours worth of new material and we are definitely excited about the new arrangements and feel we came up with.”

The new material alone may have not sent the band on tour, “we would have not just gone out on tour with such a big band without there being some real excitement from the promoters out east and in San Francisco,” said Watts. It turns out that AEG has been promoting their Ogden Theater shows and “AEG’s offices in New York decided to put us in four great theaters on the east coast.”

Dave Watts

The band plans on gigging in other countries also, “We do have some cool variations to next year’s tour schedule, we are being paid to play a private party in Costa Rica so we are going to add some club dates,” said Watts.

Included in the new Tour dates recently announced are a couple of Cervantes shows in January. This is not the only news for the Motet; they also revamped their website www. “We just decided to step up the whole functionality with the website before it was just basic information now the possibilities are endless,” said Watts.

Joey Porter

Over ten years old, the Motet has played in most every type of venue from bars to large concert halls. They stage a large band of talented musicians and continue to grow their fan base. Now, with the new Funk is Dead material going from coast to coast, a much larger audience is going to be exposed to their music and they too will find out that when the Motet plays, you have to dance.

Check out this cool video from the Motet’s Halloween “Funk is Dead” concert at the Ogden by SuperVideoBros on Youtube.

And these photos from the same show:

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