By Alan Crandall
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Cornmeal at the Aggie Theater

I just took a look at my events calendar on Facebook and apparently I am attending four shows tomorrow night. Yep it is true, I am going to see Cornmeal at the Fox, Polytoxic at the Boulder Theater, Tedeschi Truck Band at the Fillmore, and Kyle Hollingsworth Band, featuring Michael Kang at Hodi’s Halfnote. I guess I just can’t help myself, I see a good show and say to myself, heck yeah, I am going to that!

We live in a great place for concerts and I apologize to all of the other great bands that are

Kyle Hollingsworth

gigging this weekend and not mentioned here. Sometimes planning for a weekend’s entertainment is like planning a play in the big game, trying to figure out how, where and when to go, … cash a lot of times being a big factor.

Here is my game plan, as it turns out both Cornmeal and Elephant Revival are playing a couple of shows this weekend. I plan to catch Cornmeal at the Aggie in FortCollins tonight. I will miss Cornmeal at the Fox Theatre on Friday, Elephant Revival at the Bluebird Theater, The Kyle Hollingsworth Band at Hodi’s and Tedeshi Trucks at the Fillmore. I will instead opt for the also amazing Polytoxic’s Last Waltz Revisited at the

Tedeschi Trucks Band

Boulder Theater. That will free me up to see Elephant Revival and the Steep Canyon Rangers at the Boulder Theater on Saturday.

Are you keeping track… I am trying too… the Kyle Hollingsworth Band is also playing a show at Cervantes on Saturday so whatever combination works for you, catch a few shows or if you are like me try to catch them all.

One quick note, cash and timing has me missing Hollingsworth and Tedeschi Trucks shows however, Kyle tickets are very affordable and if you can’t go out or afford the $50

Elephant Revival

tickets for Tedeshchi Trucks then I have good news, the The show at the Fillmore Auditorium will, for the first time, be broadcast on If you pre-order the show it is only 10 bucks.

See you at the show.



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