Michigan Mike Torpie

By Alan Crandall.
Previously published at TimesCall.com

I was saddened to hear of the untimely passing of “Michigan Mike,” Mike Torpie, NedFest promoter and longtime Nederland Resident.

If you read this blog then you are aware that I am a fan of NedFest and I have known Mike for a couple of years now and I liked him as well.

Mike was a serious music fan that did his best to have fun, celebrate and bring good music to the mountain community of Nederland Colorado. Mike Torpie did much for the Nederland music scene and his impact will be felt for years to come.

While attending this year’s festival I grabbed some videos I had planned to use as a preview to next year’s festival. This is just a small collection of clips. This year’s festival was videoed by Mystic Mike and his crew and another videographer, a friend of mine named Steve so there is good documentation of the festival that started off as a few bands, a tent, small stage and a few kegs of beer and grew into a 13 year festival that is forever part of Nederland’s history.

R.I.P. Mike, thank you and you will be missed.

Bloggers Note: Tonight there will be a benefit concert at the Stage Stop by Leftover Salmon for the Ned Music scene and Suicide Prevention Awareness, tickets are only available at the door, show is at 7p.m.

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