Furthur Experiments at TRI Studios

Furthur Experiments at TRI Studios

Did you have trouble logging onto the TRI Studios hi-def Furthur show last Tuesday, June 7?  Were you one of the hordes of heads that were anxiously clicking away TRI-ing to create an account and unable to connect to the web sites servers?  Well you are not alone.

Rocky Mountain Jams was happily streaming to a flat screen sending audio through the surround sound system and catching the way cool groove. However, many were unable to log on, tune in and get their jam on.  In an email from TRI Studios, for all who paid and were unable to catch a stream,  Bob Weir and Furthur feels your frustration. From the email: “Experiments are just that, and while we are happy with the many positive results of the show, it’s important for us to make things right for those that didn’t get access to the show or who missed a portion of it due to these issues.”

Make it right… that’s right, they called “Do Overs.”  “We’ve decided the best thing to do is to make a replay of the show available to everyone who purchased it. This replay will be available through the TRI Studios website starting tomorrow, June 10th, at 12:00 noon (CA Time),”  the email states.

TRI Studios will in fact stream the show all weekend long in a loop for those of us that paid to go to the show. There will be a 20 minute break between the re-webcasts of what was about a 3 hour show. So if you were bummed, be happy.

What a great idea, now that we think about it, there were a couple of glitches… buffering at a couple of points and audio skips… I think we will have to watch again.


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