Writer and photographer Alan Crandall submitted the following guest blog as originally published at www.timescall.com:

The 24th Annual Boulder Creek Festival is in full swing. The Bolder Boulder race, vendors of all types, offering food and drink including festival favorites like turkey legs, funnel cakes and just about any other food item one could desire, are all present at the Boulder Creek Festival this holiday weekend. The festival also offers up an abundance of carnival rides and Monday’s events culminates with The “Great Rubber Duck Race” on Boulder Creek.

With all this fare my favorite offerings at the Boulder Creek Festival are  still all the many stages of free live performances.  Five  stages present a host of offerings including karate, cooking and arts demonstrations.  Performances include live music, dance and dance parties but if you read my blogs, you know I am there  for the music!  The festival is full of music, a different tune can be heard from about any and every location at the event.

Friday’s opening of the festival I was fortunate enough to catch two of the area’s top performers, Kort McCumber and Pete Kartsounes.  Take a look at these clips  from their performances.  For more info on Monday’s music, demonstrations and performances check out www.bceproductions.com. So head on down to the Boulder Creek Festival and don’t forget the sunscreen.


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