Drew Emmitt and Andy Thorn at the Boulder Theater (photos, video)


Drew Emmitt and Andy Thorn perform with the Steep Canyon Rangers at the Boulder Theater, Saturday, March 9th.

By Alan Crandall

Drew Emmitt and Andy Thorn teamed up for maybe the first official show as a duet at the Boulder Theater, Saturday, March 9th.  Better known as the mandolin and banjo players for the Emmitt Nershi Band and Leftover Salmon, it was good to see them pair up to open for the Steep Canyon Rangers.   Emmit and Thorn joined the Grammy award winning Steep Canyon Rangers on stage for several songs later in the evening to the delight of the audience.  Here are some photos and a Cold Rain and Snow video thanks to GratefulWeb.com.

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 Bloggers note:  To call Drew Emmitt a mandolin player is a bit of a misnomer… I believe that man can play anything with strings.


Leftover Salmon’s Boulder Theater Thanksgiving shows 2012 in photos

We really did try to cut these down to just a few photos that would tell the story of the hugely fun Leftover Salmon Thanksgiving shows at the Boulder Theater on Nov. 23 and 24, but we were unable.  The shows were just too much fun with guest like Jason Carter, Andy Hall, Billy Nershi, Silas Herman and the little boy on washboard.

Here are some images from both nights:

Leftover Salmon


Drew Emmitt

Set List Courtesy of Leftover Salmon

Vince Herman

Friday Nov. 23, 2012
~Set I~

01. Sing Up To The Moon
02. Boo Boo
03. Just Before The Evening
04. I Don’t Know You
05. Bird Call
06. Keep Drivin’
07. Delta Queen
08. Vamp In The Middle*
09. Euphoria

~Set II~

01. The Other Side
02. Carnival Time
03. Morning Sun
04. Out In The Woods
05. Danger Man
06. Gulf Of Mexico
07. Dance On Your Head
08. Tangled Up In Blue

Jason Carter & Andy Thorn

09. Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes
10. Get No Better
11. Bend In The River
12. Walking Shoes
13. Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow >
14. God Save The Queen >
15. Rocky Top >
16. Whole Lotta Love >
17. Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow


18. crowd/banter

Wally Ingram

19. Maud Only Knows >
20. Rise Up, Wake & Bake

Whole show with Jason Carter (fiddle)
* = Jason Carter on lead vocals

Sat. Nov, 24, Boulder Theater

I: Blue Night, Dear Old Dixie, Head Over Heels in Love with You*, Wild Bill Jones, Fire Line+, Rollin’ in My Sweet Baby’s Arms+@, All Night Ride+@

II: Liza, Get Me Outta This City, Kentucky Skies,

Jason Carter

Whispering Waters, Riding on the L&N, This is the Time, Big Railroad Blues@, Let’s Go Get ‘Em@#

III: Zombie Jamboree, Here
Comes the Night, Tu Nas Pas Aller, Aquatic Hitchhiker, Breakin’ Thru, Jokester@, Doin’ My Time@>Stir It Up@>Doin’ My Time@, Light Behind the Rain@, Up on the Hill Boogie@

E: Whipping Post@

Entire show with Andy Hall (dobro)
1st set acoustic
* Andy Hall lead vox
+ with Silas Herman (mandolin)
@ with Billy Nershi (guitar/vocals)
# with little boy from crowd on washboard

Billy Nershi

Andy Hall

Greg Garrison

Leftover Salmon sings up to the
moon at the Boulder Theater

We are still processing our photos from this weekend’s Leftover Salmon Thanksgiving shows at the Boulder Theater but we do have a treat to share.  Here is a grab from our favorite archivist, Steve.  There are some audio issues in a couple of spots.  Enjoy  this video  that is fun to watch listen to and dance around the living room.  Check back for more photos soon.

Nedfest ~ Leftover Salmon, Sunday August 28, 2011

Editor’s note: Continuing our series of sharing photographer Lynn Richter’s NedFest coverage from last year.  The 14 Annual NedFest starts today!  Enjoy.

“well I’m rollin’ by those fallen mines
that grow where the trains used to go
I’m flyin’ by those highway signs
That good ‘ol place that I know”

“Gold Hill Line” – Leftover Salmon

Leftover Salmon: Left to Right – Drew Emmitt, Vince Herman, Bill McKay, Greg Garrison, Andy Thorn
My apology to the drummer not shown: Jose Martinez (Editor’s note: Drummer Wally Ingram performed with LS for this show)

The last set of Nedfest 2011………..Leftover Salmon closed the festival with a killer set……….a “must have” show for your collection……….there is a link to a free download of the Leftover Salmon set at the bottom of this email.  Drew Emmitt, Vince Herman, Billy Nershi and Jeff Austin……….these are the kings of Colorado jam grass and they tore the place up.  After the festival, I caught a set of the ZydeCoasters at the Whistler Cafe….too dark for photographs……..went to the Black Forest about 1:00 am to see Magic Gravy………..had a wine and listened to a couple of tunes from the bar and called it a night………to funky for my taste.

Left Nederland for home at 7:00 am mountain time on Monday…….drove 17 hour straight and got to Rochester at 11:00 pm central time……….back to reality at 7:00 am Tuesday morning……….had to work 3 day’s before heading out the next Friday for another adventure at a Incident in Cod Fish Hollow…………more on that story next time.

Vince Herman

Drew Emmitt

Drew Emmitt, Vince Herman

Nedfest 2012 is scheduled for August 24, 25 and 26, 2012.  Ticket’s are on sale now and the line up is starting to take shape…….the city of Nederland limits ticket sales to 2000………10:30 pm curfew for the festival…..and the festival has not been selling out.  Several nice restaurants in the town, four bars with live music for after festival party……….a very cool town.  This is a very mellow scene that will not last forever……….someday it will catch on and the scene will change……….it always does……………take my advice and check out Nedfest in 2012……….if you like that Colorado bluegrass \ jam grass kind of music this is the place to go……………..hotel rooms are in short supply……..get your tickets and book your rooms.


Went to Spike’s Night of the Living Blues show at the Wicked Moose last Saturday night………..three great bands………nice sized crowd………good to see a lot of old friends again……….it has been awhile .


Andy Thorn

Leftover Salmon

Leftover Salmon with Billy Nershi

Leftover Salmon with Billy Nershi and Silas Herman (Vince Herman’s son)

Scramble Campbell

Leftover Salmon
With Special Guests: Billy Nershi (String Cheese Incident), Silas Herman (Salmon Eggs)  & Jeff Austin (Yonder Mountain String Band)
6:30 pm – Sunday August 28, 2011
Nedfest – Nederland, CO.

Jeff Austin


Leftover Salmon with Billy Nershi and Jeff Austin

Leftover Salmon Set List
Nedfest -Nederland, CO
Sunday August 28, 2011

……and yes, there was a full moon over Nederland as the show ended.

This show is available for free download at The Archive.Org

Fox Photo of the Day ~ Andy Thorn

Fox Photo of the Day
DAY 16

Leftover Salmon's Andy Thorn performs for the Fox 20th Anniversary celebration, March 6, 2012

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