String Cheese Incident’s Song In My Head album release & 20th anniversary celebration free Incident on the Hill

Thousands show up for the String Cheese Incident's free concert on the Hill in Boulder, Monday, April 28, 2014.
Thousands show up for the String Cheese Incident’s free concert on the Hill in Boulder, Monday, April 28, 2014.

By Alan Crandall

Boulder’s String Cheese Incident celebrated their 20th anniversary and the album release of “Song In My Head” with a free Incident on the Hill in Boulder, Monday, April 28. Thousands of exuberant fans were on hand for maybe one of the largest crowds to hit the hill in many years.  Check out this review from Grateful Web of the new album.

From the stage facing north at the intersection of 13th and College, fans could be seen filling the street for several blocks. Check out these views from the amazing event.

The Daily Camera‘s Jeremy Papasso created this great view of the event.

Another view Tout video from the event.

Photos by C. Alan Crandall
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